Garden Irrigation Systems the won’t break the Bank

The most essential component for growing beautiful flowers and stunning vegetables is water. Without water your garden will wither and die, and all the hard work you have put into your flower beds and vegetable patches will be lost. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to lose your crops because of a prolonged spell of dry weather, or to see your flower beds droop and wither. To water your garden by hand is time consuming and, let’s face it, sheer hard work which can take a lot of the pleasure out of your lovely garden. Also in this environmentally conscious age it can be wasteful of water.

There is a remedy at hand! Garden irrigation systems can provide an affordable and easy solution. Sprinklers, including sprayers and misters, have a variety of spray patterns, and can be adjusted to ensure that just the right amount of water goes just where you want it to make watering your garden easier and to conserve water. The end result will be a stupendous display that will be the envy of your neighbours. Your flowers will bloom and your vegetables will grow and thrive.

Garden irrigation should also include your plant pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. As all keen gardeners know, hanging baskets are particularly susceptible to drying out, and need watering every single day. This is a time consuming chore, but if you neglect it you risk a poor show of flowers, or worse, dried up and dead blooms. Efficient drippers are the effective solution to this problem. You can save time, money and water by installing an efficient dripper system from Streamfast Watering Solutions. A dripper system can be assembled in 3 easy steps and full instructions are given. No tools are required except a pair of scissors or a sharp knife, so installing your dripper couldn’t be easier.

Garden irrigation from Streamfast water Solutions is designed for maximum ease of installation, quality and value for money. It is an adaptable and extendable system that is efficient and environmentally friendly. When you go on holiday, you can have peace of mind while you are away knowing that whatever the weather at home is like, your garden will not suffer. Sometimes drip irrigation systems can cause run off of soil and dirt which can cause unsightly mess around your patio, verandah or porch. So be sure to contact a reliable environmentally friendly and water efficient pressure cleaning company like House washing Brisbane Southside You need not inconvenience neighbours or friends to look after your garden. When you are at home, regular watering will ensure a consistent supply of water, essential in particular to produce large, healthy vegetable produce.

Add Light to Those Dark Areas

The amount of natural light in a room can affect the way you live and work. A dark area negatively affects your mood. Sunlight fills the room with light and vitamin D which makes you feel good, positive. So a naturally lighted room makes you feel happier, vibrant and more alive. This makes it important to get light into dark rooms and you need to make the most of the natural light that does exist in the home.

Adding color to the ceiling and a glass pendant light can brighten a room. Glass doors add natural light throughout the house. Even leaving the walls white helps maximize daylight.  Even so, mixing daylight with warm wood pieces adds contrast and beauty to the home decor.

Start by thinking about the light and figuring out how much extra light you need. What can you take out of the room that is absorbing the natural light. How are your walls painted?

What can you do to brighten the place without having to take down walls? I’ve got a few ideas you might like.


Window Treatments

Curtains or other treatments can absorb natural light. Try removing dark heavy curtains. This will instantly give you more light and transform the area.

Window curtains and treatments reduce natural light especially on larger windows. Use sheer fabrics and tie them over a rod.


Use glass in your doors. This is a modern way of getting more natural light. You can even use frosted or tinted glass in areas where you need more privacy.


Use neutral colors for dark rooms. White walls also improve light in dark rooms. Add color accents with paintings or by painting your ceiling a different color.

Create Light in a Dark Ceiling

Dark painted ceilings or wood panels absorb light. But they also add texture and style, so you may want to keep them. If you have dark ceilings avoid dark walls and floors.

Paint your ceilings white and add light colors to your walls as another option to increase light. You can also add recessed lighting fixtures wherever possible.

Add Lighter Finishes

Hey, I got a lot of light into my kitchen by adding light finishes to countertops and cabinets. Use shiny surfaces and even silver light fittings.

Bottom Line

Its all about finding the right mix of lights and darks. If you have too much dark in a room the light will be absorbed. Too much light can also overwhelm so you want to mix it up for the perfect blend. 

A Comprehesive Outdoor Lighting Guide

As a homeowner who loves the outdoors, I work hard at choosing the right shrubs and flowers for my outdoor areas. but there’s one aspect of landscaping that I sort of forgot, and  just now started paying attention to it. I’m talking about the lights that come on when night Falls. Without landscape lights, the beautifully planned plants and flowers just disappear. landscaping lights bring the whole look together. They give you that wow factor your outside areas need. I guess you could say it is like adding the finishing touches to an already great design. So you need to make the most of your investment by adding the right kind of landscape lighting.

1. Add More than Just a few Solar Lights

Many people think about adding a few solar lights down the walkway, and they believe that this will take care of their lighting needs. But in reality to make an outdoor area stand out, you need to create a mood and an atmosphere, and to do that you need good lighting. It is the mixture of different lighting types and styles that turns your daytime landscaped area into a magical and wonderous place at night.

2. Figure Out What Use the Space Has In the Evening

Before you go out and buy landscape lighting willy-nilly, sort of like what I did. You should first think about what you want to create. Is your goal simply to eliminate the pathways and patios, or maybe you want to highlight certain architectural features of your home, ensuring that these can be seen from the street.

Or maybe, you’re simply adding landscape lighting to increase your home security and not necessarily to give it aesthetic appeal. These are all considerations you need to make before you buy expensive Lighting systems.

3. Cover the Basics

Before you go for style you really need to cover all of your basic lighting needs. these include:

  • Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Steps
  • Patios
  • and any unique architectural feature you want to illuminate

4. Consider Using LED Lights

Outdoor light fixtures can be expensive so you want to make them last as long as possible. use LED landscape lighting when possible as these can give you many years of use. LED lighting offers versatility and durability, Plus they can save you substantially on your electricity bill.

5. Add Both Task and Accent Lighting

Add visual interest to your lighting system by making your light fixtures efficient and practical but at the same time visually interesting. Using these multiple Lighting systems within the yard area creates a fuller well-designed look.

6. Wait Until Night to Place Outdoor Lighting

If you position your lights during the day you won’t get the full view of what your trees, shrubs, bushes, and house will look like at night. you also run the risk of placing a light in the wrong position and shining it into a neighbor’s window or door. to avoid these problems try placing your life in the evening, at dusk or at night.

You also run the risk of misplacing a light and shining light into a window or door of your home, for example, when the intent was for a softer highlight of your home’s exterior.

7. Avoid Outdoor Light Pollution

Light pollution can ruin the effect of your landscape lighting project and typically happen in the following ways:

  • Shining light directly into someone’s eyes
  • Shining light directly on your neighbors home or windows
  • Using too much lighting that creates glare or washes out the night sky

8.Place your Lighting on Timers

If you are like me, you may forget to turn off your outdoor lights at night or in the early morning. Set your lighting to timers and dimmers, so that you keep the lights on for only a portion of the night.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the things you can start to do to give your outdoor areas that truly dramatic effect. The ideas herein where given to us by one of the professional  landscaping Springfield Lakes compaies I have worked with.


The Things I Learned about Window Replacement

The windows in this old house have to go. I just don’t know where to start. Should I go down to the box store and buy standard windows or is there something else I can do? After talking to a glass repair expert I came to find out that there are a ton of different things I can do to improve the look of my home by simply replacing the windows and adding a couple of modern glass doors.

I had no idea that new window technology had advanced so much. And new windows can make the house considerably more energy efficient. Here is what I learned.

There are several key features you want to keep in mind when shopping for new windows. No. you shouldn’t just go get the cheapest windows you can find.  Think about it! Windows have to withstand the elements. They need to be energy saving in both summer and winter. And if you already have insulated windows but feel there is a draft coming through, well then maybe you don’t need new windows, maybe you just need to reinsulate the windows you already have.


Do You Really need a Replacement or a Retrofit?

When I was asked this question, I was stumped. I felt embarrassed that I needed to ask, but I did. Anyway, replacement is when you are making other remodels and adjustments such as replacing siding or stucco. In this case, a window replacement is the order of the day. When you have to cut the stucco or siding and remove the flashing paper, you will also need to take out the whole window and replace it. But when you are retrofitting, you do no remove the stucco or cut into the wall. The outside of the old window frame is not removed.  Instead, your glass repair expert installs a new window inside the old frame. This makes the new window just a little smaller, but barely noticeable.


What Kind of Frame Do You Want?

You need to decide on whether you can stand to keep the current window frames or whether they need to be replaced. And if you decide to replace them, then you also need to decide on the material for the frames. This can be vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Usually, vinyl frames are the product of choice because they are less expensive and low-maintenance.


Another Very Important Aspect to Consider is Single or Double Glazed window panes.

The truth is single-glazed windows are windows made of one pane of glass, whereas double glazed windows have two panes. Single pane windows are easy to fix when they break. They are also easy to clean. However, they do not hold insulation well. Double pane windows are better insulated because they are made with two glass panes and a trapped layer of air. These windows offer better insulation. However, they are a little more expensive than single pane windows.


In the End

Good windows will significantly increase the value of the home, and bad windows offer a huge deterrent. Choose windows that are a good selling point, even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon.


Patio andear Entertainment Trends for This Year

Every person in the world, whether they know it or not, has a basic joy in being outdoors when the weather is pleasant. It’s in the moments when we can sit comfortably outside that all five of our senses become extraordinarily sensitive. This is the reason why everything feels more vibrant and vivid during the summer months. It is the reason we have such vivid memories of fresh-cut grass, flowers and of sitting outside in the sunlight. Nothing beats the outdoors when the weather is sunny and balmy.


Now, that being said, the extent of our outdoor experiences may be something as simple as sitting in a comfortable lawn chair outside the sliding glass doors that lead out from the kitchen out to the backyard, dreaming about a gorgeous landscaped backyard where you might entertain or share time with family and friends. But why daydream about it when you can add significant value, both monetary and in entertainment when you add beautiful patio and entertainment areas to your rather bland backyard.


Whatever It is that Leads You to the Path of Patio Renovation on Inclusion, you need to plan your project out, and that means you need to know what the new trends are in patio and outdoor design. Knowing what the hottest patio trends are for this year can help you make a more informed choice and can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.


Patio Trends

Large expanses of concrete are an outdated backyard feature. Instead, the new trend is to create clusters of patios made with pavers. These can be accented with focal points such as gas or wood fireplaces or fire pits.  Leading to a raised deck with a fire pit or other outdoor living space feature.


Walkways leading to sitting areas, outdoor kitchens and garden areas are also the trend this year. Just image a quiet flower-lined pathway leading to another intimate reading area set away from the main house. This area can be further emphasized with a pergola or trellis.



Recent trends tend to lean towards earthy, natural colors and sometimes even darker natural colors. For example, we see a rise in the purchase of flagstone, slate, cobblestone and brick.  Really, anything that looks like natural stone is the rage this year. Some homeowners use natural stone, but it is a material that landscapers find it hard to work with, and harder still to get that consistent color and look. However, concrete pavers are now manufactured in stone-like styles and are indistinguishable from real stone. Using this type of material is much easier because designers can easily gain uniformity.



Once you get your patios and decks up to style, you’ll want to add potted plants, flowers and independent flower beds that surround your new walkways and patios. Use the extra pavers from the patios and walkways to create exterior flower gardens.



Glass Doors Add Light to Dark Lighting Issues in a Home


You get out from work and go to your new home. You love your new purchase but there’s just one problem. For some reason, the house is a little darker than what you first thought and you definitely need an update. 

Sliding glass doors or glass interior doors may be the answer for you as well. The problem is you need to decide on the type of glass door you want installed. You can’t just go to the big box store and choose any door.

What can you do?

One of the easiest ways of adding light to your home is by installing glass sliding or interior glass doors. These doors bring more light to every corner and every room. Plus they offer a modern touch to any type of home. Don’t worry! Many types of glass doors can go with any home decor. You can go traditional or modern. You just need to look around and decide on what type of decor you already have in your home so you can choose a door type that works with your home style. After all you don’t want to go with a traditional glass door if your home has an ultra contemporary feel. No in this case, you might want to choose the pure glass type of door. You know this is the door that has no frames at all.

Why choose a Glass Sliding Door as an Outdoor Door Option?

Traditional glass doors go from floor to ceiling and they let light in either from another room or from the outdoors. Plus they offer visual accents for your home interior and give the feeling of an open layout. These doors are traditional so they can go with any type of home design.

Indoor Glass Door Options

If you want really contemporary, then you might want to think about the sliding interior and folding interior doors. These types of doors are now modern interior design trend, and look fabulous in almost any room. Traditionally home builders have used wooden doors and in some cases a wood door  with glass inserts. These doors work well with a very traditional homes. But in more modern styled homes, owners are looking at the new floor-to-ceiling glass doors with no frame at all.

I also like the traditional French doors, but only when they work. So this would be an option in a classic style home. please can offer an elegant open feeling to any living.

Personally, I like the new contemporary glass doors. These are the glass doors that do not have wooden frames and look like pure glass from  ceiling to floor. You know this can be a perfect options for large apartments and even homes that want to focus on the view. Or for homeowners who just want that eco-friendly bright and warm environment.

Consider the Weather

When choosing install a glass door you also need to think about the weather for your geographic location. Frame doors better protect the home from cold. On the other hand, glass interior doors can balance  indoor heat better and offer a cooler space. Companies like Glazier Brisbane can help in order to get the balance right.

Inside doors with glass inserts can be used as focal point for artistic designs types of doors, and can work with other Design Elements and add spaciousness. This can be especially important to smaller apartments or homes.

Fabulous Tropical Trees for an Indoor Area

Summer is here and I believe the forecast will be sunshine. It’s time to start the margarita recipes and send out those out-of-office memos. And although it all sounds cool and all, if you really face facts, you will probably be sitting very close to the A.C. and eating leftovers so you don’t have to go out in the sweltering heat.

Don’t worry ! We can add some joy to those summer blues.You can add some cool looking trees to your house plant mix and make your apartment or home  have that beach like look. W we have 5 recommendations for trees that will bring the outdoors inside.


Dracaena ‘Tarzan

this is a really cool cuz he can tolerate lower lights. The Dracaena Tarzan is a pig tropical type of tree that looks sort of like an  indoor palm tree. this is the type of plan to let you imagine that you’re in the 5 star hotel in the tropics.  So go get your sunglasses, put on the tunes and make those pina coladas. Enjoy the summer without the sweltering heat.


Trichilia ‘Natal Mahogany

if you think you have a problem with over-watering your indoor plants, then this is the tree for you. It is a big and bushy tree with dark green leaves. it can fill up large empty spaces for those of you who have too much space in too little furniture.

The Trichilia Natal Mahogany All perception last summary feeling you want to have indoors. You just have to be sure to water it regularly, even list the leaves often to give it that warm humid environment it needs.


Rhapis Palm

Pictures of really cool indoor tropical tree that looks like a palm tree but not so much. dark fronds look like fan.The trunk has a lot of texture to which can be an interesting focal point in a room. one of the best features of this tree is that is really easy to care for.

Ficus Lyrata

Designer seem to love this tree and tend to call it the fiddle leaf fig. the tree has large leaves and can be a real focal point in a large room. Just be aware that it does need some sunlight and requires a nice sized space.

Monstera deliciosa

This is more of a plant than it is a tree. But it’s quite large and easy to care for. Place it on top of a stand to make it look  taller.And you’re set to enjoy the summer. All you need to do is go out and get those margaritas.

Trees: The Hows and Whens of Planting Them

What kind of trees are you going to plant in that new home? It’s a good question, and one that is going to take some consideration. A decision in haste can lead to a future regret. Sure, a lot of trees grow more beautiful year after year. But others have the potential to create a lot of waste, problems and decades of trouble by dropping messy fruit or causing dangerous sticks to point out and even hurt someone. An that’s the reason why you should take your time in deciding what kind of tree you want to add to your landscaped area.

Begin by thinking: what kind of tree do I want in my backyard. Why do I want to place a tree in this area? Do I need shade? Privacy? Or does the tree just need to add curb appeal to my home?

The Growth Rate

A tree’s growth rate may also factor into your decision. Some trees grow much slower than others. For example, the hardwoods all grow slowly, but they also tend to live much longer than others. If you need trees to give shade then you need one that has a faster growing rate. These trees are typically smaller. They have softer wood and don’t live  as long.

You also want to scale trees to the size of the home. Smaller homes need smaller trees and larger ones need larger hardwoods. Place smaller trees near the house and taller ones further away.

Trees can be either deciduous or evergreen. By deciduous we mean they lose their leaves in the fall and are bare during the winter. Evergreen trees and shrubs keep their foliage throughout the year. Some have broader leaves than others such as the pines which have needled foliage.

Assets and Liabilities

Every type of tree has an asset that suits special types of landscapes. But each also has special growing requirements. Some work well in cold areas while others are rated for hardiness in cold areas. Some work best in rich moist soils while others work more in acidic soils. Liabilities such as thorns should also be considered, especially if you have animals or children. Some trees are messy or weedy. All of these factors need to be considered when deciding to plant trees in your backyard.

Tree Health

When a tree is small that is not always a good thing. A small tree is not always a young tree. Trees can grow small because when they are weak. A less sturdy tree will have thinner bark and it will be textured with furrows, flakes and ridges, not the smooth texture that young trees normally have.

Certain trees are better suited to urban areas than others. They can withstand pollutants that come from industry and cars. They do well in areas of poor drainage and with night lights, salt sprays and other hindrances of the city. They typically have shorter lifespans than trees in the suburbs or in the country.

The point is when you plan on planting trees you need to take all of these factors into consideration and then make your choice appropriately.

Build a Gorgeous Firepit for Cheap

My wife and I love to have an outdoor fire in the backyard. It’s a great way to entertain or just to cap off of the day,But building a bonfire on the lawn left an ugly Circle that grew larger all the time. the next day I was always cringing at the horrible look of the charred grass. Plus we worried that an ember the could cause a significant fire to the nearby  neighbors lawns.

That’s when we decided it was time to add a cool fire pit to our outdoor landscape. It was a great idea. But going from idea to reality,well that’s another question.  There are just tons of options and materials to select from. Its fantastic, but it makes choosing the design, and more importantly, selecting the material, a really difficult chore.

Pavers are Better than Natural Stone

So I talked to my neighbor, an expert Landscaping professional. He gave us some ideas to help us think of materials to use and decide on how to build it.  He told us that; as a general rule of thumb, you want to consider  using concrete pavers   instead of real rock. the reason is simple. pavers are uniform in size, lighter and  easier for you or the landscaper to work with. and the beauty of using pavers is that they now come with the look and feel of natural stone.

I decided to choose a paver that had a brick fire look to it. These were perfect for what I wanted to do. Plus I got a huge discount on a nice lot of brick pavers.

My next step was to decide how and where I was going to build the fire pit. My wife and I considered building a traditional brick fire pit on a concrete foundation. But we found out that this was going to take a  hefty investment.Instead we chose to build the fire pit right over the charred circle  we had already created in the lawn.

The Process

I dug up 30 inch deep trench through the soil on the circular perimeter. I asked for help from a buddy of mine to pour the concrete in the trench and then to build up the wall high enough for a fire pit.

In the end, the process was not that difficult and it only took us a day to build a simple fire pit using a concrete trench and brick pavers. Today this is the fire pit that my wife and I enjoy. It is a place to sit with our friends and relax with a cold beer. The pit looks great and it safely contains any fire without burning the grass that sits next to it.