Patio andear Entertainment Trends for This Year

Every person in the world, whether they know it or not, has a basic joy in being outdoors when the weather is pleasant. It’s in the moments when we can sit comfortably outside that all five of our senses become extraordinarily sensitive. This is the reason why everything feels more vibrant and vivid during the summer months. It is the reason we have such vivid memories of fresh-cut grass, flowers and of sitting outside in the sunlight. Nothing beats the outdoors when the weather is sunny and balmy.


Now, that being said, the extent of our outdoor experiences may be something as simple as sitting in a comfortable lawn chair outside the sliding glass doors that lead out from the kitchen out to the backyard, dreaming about a gorgeous landscaped backyard where you might entertain or share time with family and friends. But why daydream about it when you can add significant value, both monetary and in entertainment when you add beautiful patio and entertainment areas to your rather bland backyard.


Whatever It is that Leads You to the Path of Patio Renovation on Inclusion, you need to plan your project out, and that means you need to know what the new trends are in patio and outdoor design. Knowing what the hottest patio trends are for this year can help you make a more informed choice and can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.


Patio Trends

Large expanses of concrete are an outdated backyard feature. Instead, the new trend is to create clusters of patios made with pavers. These can be accented with focal points such as gas or wood fireplaces or fire pits.  Leading to a raised deck with a fire pit or other outdoor living space feature.


Walkways leading to sitting areas, outdoor kitchens and garden areas are also the trend this year. Just image a quiet flower-lined pathway leading to another intimate reading area set away from the main house. This area can be further emphasized with a pergola or trellis.



Recent trends tend to lean towards earthy, natural colors and sometimes even darker natural colors. For example, we see a rise in the purchase of flagstone, slate, cobblestone and brick.  Really, anything that looks like natural stone is the rage this year. Some homeowners use natural stone, but it is a material that landscapers find it hard to work with, and harder still to get that consistent color and look. However, concrete pavers are now manufactured in stone-like styles and are indistinguishable from real stone. Using this type of material is much easier because designers can easily gain uniformity.



Once you get your patios and decks up to style, you’ll want to add potted plants, flowers and independent flower beds that surround your new walkways and patios. Use the extra pavers from the patios and walkways to create exterior flower gardens.