The Things I Learned about Window Replacement

The windows in this old house have to go. I just don’t know where to start. Should I go down to the box store and buy standard windows or is there something else I can do? After talking to a glass repair expert I came to find out that there are a ton of different things I can do to improve the look of my home by simply replacing the windows and adding a couple of modern glass doors.

I had no idea that new window technology had advanced so much. And new windows can make the house considerably more energy efficient. Here is what I learned.

There are several key features you want to keep in mind when shopping for new windows. No. you shouldn’t just go get the cheapest windows you can find.  Think about it! Windows have to withstand the elements. They need to be energy saving in both summer and winter. And if you already have insulated windows but feel there is a draft coming through, well then maybe you don’t need new windows, maybe you just need to reinsulate the windows you already have.


Do You Really need a Replacement or a Retrofit?

When I was asked this question, I was stumped. I felt embarrassed that I needed to ask, but I did. Anyway, replacement is when you are making other remodels and adjustments such as replacing siding or stucco. In this case, a window replacement is the order of the day. When you have to cut the stucco or siding and remove the flashing paper, you will also need to take out the whole window and replace it. But when you are retrofitting, you do no remove the stucco or cut into the wall. The outside of the old window frame is not removed.  Instead, your glass repair expert installs a new window inside the old frame. This makes the new window just a little smaller, but barely noticeable.


What Kind of Frame Do You Want?

You need to decide on whether you can stand to keep the current window frames or whether they need to be replaced. And if you decide to replace them, then you also need to decide on the material for the frames. This can be vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Usually, vinyl frames are the product of choice because they are less expensive and low-maintenance.


Another Very Important Aspect to Consider is Single or Double Glazed window panes.

The truth is single-glazed windows are windows made of one pane of glass, whereas double glazed windows have two panes. Single pane windows are easy to fix when they break. They are also easy to clean. However, they do not hold insulation well. Double pane windows are better insulated because they are made with two glass panes and a trapped layer of air. These windows offer better insulation. However, they are a little more expensive than single pane windows.


In the End

Good windows will significantly increase the value of the home, and bad windows offer a huge deterrent. Choose windows that are a good selling point, even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon.