Add Light to Those Dark Areas

The amount of natural light in a room can affect the way you live and work. A dark area negatively affects your mood. Sunlight fills the room with light and vitamin D which makes you feel good, positive. So a naturally lighted room makes you feel happier, vibrant and more alive. This makes it important to get light into dark rooms and you need to make the most of the natural light that does exist in the home.

Adding color to the ceiling and a glass pendant light can brighten a room. Glass doors add natural light throughout the house. Even leaving the walls white helps maximize daylight.  Even so, mixing daylight with warm wood pieces adds contrast and beauty to the home decor.

Start by thinking about the light and figuring out how much extra light you need. What can you take out of the room that is absorbing the natural light. How are your walls painted?

What can you do to brighten the place without having to take down walls? I’ve got a few ideas you might like.


Window Treatments

Curtains or other treatments can absorb natural light. Try removing dark heavy curtains. This will instantly give you more light and transform the area.

Window curtains and treatments reduce natural light especially on larger windows. Use sheer fabrics and tie them over a rod.


Use glass in your doors. This is a modern way of getting more natural light. You can even use frosted or tinted glass in areas where you need more privacy.


Use neutral colors for dark rooms. White walls also improve light in dark rooms. Add color accents with paintings or by painting your ceiling a different color.

Create Light in a Dark Ceiling

Dark painted ceilings or wood panels absorb light. But they also add texture and style, so you may want to keep them. If you have dark ceilings avoid dark walls and floors.

Paint your ceilings white and add light colors to your walls as another option to increase light. You can also add recessed lighting fixtures wherever possible.

Add Lighter Finishes

Hey, I got a lot of light into my kitchen by adding light finishes to countertops and cabinets. Use shiny surfaces and even silver light fittings.

Bottom Line

Its all about finding the right mix of lights and darks. If you have too much dark in a room the light will be absorbed. Too much light can also overwhelm so you want to mix it up for the perfect blend.